1. We have access to a wide range of natural and engineering stone and always can fulfill your needs.
2. We pay high to small details such as joints so your new kitchen benchtop looks like it's made with one big seamless piece of stone.
3. We are not scratching cabinets. 
4. We provide FREE quote even if you live outside of Auckland


Natural stone will always look luxurious. It is impossible to ignore the natural pattern – countertops made of natural stone will always differ from each other since it is impossible to find two identical slabs in nature. The main characteristics of such work surfaces are stability, durability, and resistance to wear, and mechanical damage. Marble can be shaped into almost any complicated form. If your kitchen design goes beyond simple straight lines and involves a lot of artistic stone elements and curving edges, then marble could be a great choice for you. 


Similar to natural marble granite has a rich variation of stone textures and colors. Granite one of the most durable stone materials and granite benchtop will serve a long life with just reasonable care and maintenance. Natural granite is a more heavy material compared to artificial and engineering stone, so the strength of cabinets must be considered. 


Engineering stone is also known as an artificial stone is a good alternative for natural stone. One of the benefits of artificial stone is a wide range of colors, which can be easily matched to your existing or brand new kitchen design. The Black and white kitchen design is one example where engineering stone found it's doing a great job

How much will cost my project?

We can come to your place and give you a FREE for the project. The price will depend on which material, thickness, shape, and overall size of a benchtop. The easiest way to get the exact price is by giving us a call. We can come to your place to take measurements and p[provide you a FREE quote, even if you leave outside of Auckland.

Where I can see stone samples?

We can bring some stone samples to your place or you can book a visit to one of our partners and stone suppliers showrooms.

Marble, granite, quartz which one is more durable? 

The durability and life span of material depends on the environment it will be using in. But the durability of granite, marble, and engineering stone is a bit exaggerated in the question of kitchen benchtops. All of those materials will serve a long life with reasonable care.