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We’re a company that specializes in anything made out of stone:

  • kitchen and bathroom stone benchtops;
  • stone splashbacks; 
  • fireplaces;
  • stone floor & walls;
  • benchtops replacements;
  • stone restoration & repair;
  • concrete repair;
  • kitchen & bathroom renovation;
  • stone cutting & drilling.
We work with all types of stone: natural granite, marble, engineering, quartz, limestone, and any other natural or polymer materials which have the look of stone.
If there is something you are after isn't on the list, please feel free get in touch with us.



  1. We work within budget and time. There are no too small or too big projects. We can breeze in a new life into your existing kitchen by replacing just a benchtop or we can come up with a completely new design.
  2. Measuring, Manufacturing, Installation - we are responsible for each step, from giving you a quote to delivering the project.
  3. FREE quote, even if you live outside of Auckland. Just give us a call and we come to your place and give you a quote for the job. There are no hidden fees and there are no obligations.
  4. Fare price Policy. What you see in the quote is what you pay for. We guarantee that cost will not be changed at the end of the project.
  5. We work with respect to your property. Stoneworks sometimes can be dusty, but we do our best to keep your property clean.

Benchtop Repair Services in Auckland

Benchtops have to put up with a lot, whether it is a benchtop in your kitchen or a bathroom or vanity benchtop. At Art Stone, we have experience repairing all types of problems that occur to benchtops made from stone. To give you an idea of the benchtop repair expertise that we offer in Auckland, here are some of the things that we repair:

  • Heat damage – we typically find benchtops that have heat damage in kitchens, but items like hair straighteners can also cause damage to benchtops in other locations in your home. Whatever the cause of the damage, we'll repair it, so it is as good as new.
  • Chips – stone benchtops are tough, but they are not indestructible. That means chips can and do occur. Whatever size of chip that has been taken out of your stone benchtop, we'll fix it to leave a smooth finish. Many of our chip repairs are completely invisible.
  • Stone crack fix up – cracks can occur in benchtops for a variety of reasons, including poor workmanship when the benchtop was originally installed. A crack can really detract from the appearance of your benchtop, so get it repaired fast by calling us at Art Stone Team. We are the stone crack fix up experts!
  • Scratches – scratches are one of the more minor problems and blemishes that can happen to benchtops, but that doesn't make them any less frustrating. Whether you are looking to remove scratches from a granite or marble benchtop, or a benchtop made from any other material, our repair services will help.
  • Joints that are not even – there are lots of things that can go wrong with your kitchen over time due to normal wear and tear or because of poor quality workmanship during the initial installation. An example is joints that become uneven or gaps that develop between your sink and benchtop. We can repair all these issues and more, all for an affordable price.
  • Acid and bleach stains, as well as other types of discolouration – spilling acid or bleach on your stone benchtop can leave a stain that detracts from its appearance. With these sorts of substances, there is no amount of cleaning that will remove the stain. At Art Stone Team, we can disguise these stains and marks to make them almost invisible.
  • Removing glue – some glues, including superglue, are extremely difficult to remove from your benchtop without causing further damage. We have the solution, however, as we can remove all traces of most types of glue.

Benchtop Removal Services

Do you want to replace a benchtop in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home? Replacing a benchtop is an excellent way to give your kitchen a fresh new look without the expense of a full kitchen renovation. It also a great idea if you want to upgrade the benchtop to something more luxurious. At Art Stone Team, we offer expert benchtop removal services where we will carefully and methodically remove your existing benchtop without causing any damage to your units, fittings, or appliances.

We also supply and fit stone benchtops in the Auckland area, so we can sort you out with a new benchtop too. If you have sourced a benchtop from somewhere else, we can fit it for you.

To find out more about our benchtop removal services or about the stone benchtops we can supply in Auckland, please get in touch.

Stone Tile and Concrete Floor Repair Services

As expert stonemasons serving the Auckland area, we can help you with any stone or concrete surface. If you have a damaged, cracked, chipped, or scratched surface, and you are looking for concrete, granite, or marble repair in Auckland, get in touch with us. We can fix other stone surfaces too.

While we specialise in benchtops, we can also fix your floors, whether you have stone tile floors or concrete floors. Whatever the cause of the damage, we'll restore the surface back to a condition that looks as good as new, making our repair services a much more affordable option than replacing the floor. Get in touch today to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Benchtop Repair to Protect the Environment

The stone products that are commonly used to manufacture benchtops in Auckland are a natural resource that has to be mined. Therefore, there is an environmental impact caused by the production of these products.

If yours becomes damaged, one option you have is to replace it. If you choose this option, your damaged benchtop is likely to end up in a landfill.

Repairing your benchtop, on the other hand, will extend its life, making repairs the more environmentally friendly option.

Protecting Your Investment

There are lots of things that impact the value of your property. The quality of your benchtop may not be the first thing to comes to mind, but it is important, not least because of the importance of the kitchen in most Kiwi households. After all, you don’t want to be in a position where you are selling your home and a potential buyer experiences a wow-factor moment when they first see your kitchen, only to become deflated when they spot a damaged benchtop on closer inspection. You should also consider the cost of repairing your benchtop, as it is very affordable. In other words, repairing your benchtop is a worthwhile investment. 

Our Expert Stonemasons in Auckland Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

How do you repair benchtops?

We use various techniques at Art Stone Team to repair damaged benchtops. The method we use for your benchtop will depend on the material and the nature of the damage. All repairs require an element of preparation to clean the surface and get it ready for repair. We then use specialised products to fill any damage that requires filling. We use other specialised products to match the pattern and colour of the repair with the rest of your benchtop. This is a manual process that requires experience and attention to detail. Finally, we seal the repair to ensure it is durable and properly finished.

Hob Cutout Services in Auckland

Can you make a cut-out in my benchtop for my new hob?

We are frequently asked to provide hob cutout services at Art Stone Team. This happens when our customers buy a new hob or want to alter the layout of their kitchen. With our expertise, you won't have to replace your existing benchtop as we can make a precise cut-out for the exact space that is required for your new hob. Get in touch today to get a quote.

Can you repair engineered stone benchtops?

Engineered stone is often more durable than benchtops that are granite or marble, but they can still become damaged. Common problems include chips, cracks, and stains. We can also repair deliberately positioned screw holes in your engineered benchtop that are no longer needed.

The damage on my benchtop is right at the edge. Can this be repaired?

Repairing stone surfaces where the damage is at an edge or corner can be more difficult than damage in other areas. However, we have the skills at Art Stone Team to complete just about any benchtop repair. The best advice is to get in touch with us so we can find out more about the details of your benchtop and the problems you need repaired.

How long do benchtop repairs take?

The time it takes to complete a repair depends on a number of factors, including the extent of the damage, the type of surface we are working on, and the complexity of the repair. When we know more about the repair that you need, we'll be able to give you a more accurate estimate. One thing you should factor in is the time it takes for the final seal to dry. We apply this seal at the end of the process, and the drying time is typically two hours.

Why should I get my benchtop repaired?

This is a common question. After all, many benchtops can still be used even if they have a crack or chip. One of the main reasons to get the benchtop repaired is for aesthetic reasons. After all, the benchtop is an important part of the design of your kitchen, so it is worthwhile making it look as good as possible. Another reason is ease of use, as damaged benchtops can sometimes get in the way. One of the most important reasons, however, is hygiene. Bacteria can get into the chips and cracks in your benchtop, and that bacteria can be hard to remove. Getting your benchtop repaired is the best solution.

Will the chip or crack on my benchtop be invisible once you complete the repair?

As expert stonemasons in Auckland, our objective on every benchtop repair job that we take on is to completely repair the damage, so the crack or chip is no longer visible. For damage that is less than 5mm in diameter, we can almost always achieve this goal. For larger chips and cracks, delivering an invisible repair can be more challenging. However, the repaired surface will always look better. In fact, even on repairs that we can't make invisible, the repair can usually only be identified if you go out of your way to find it.


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