Benefits Of A Concrete Kitchen Countertop

Here at Art Stone, we are experts in all things stone, from kitchen and bathroom stone benchtops to concrete repair in Auckland. A kitchen renovation can be exciting and the opportunity to set the tone for your overall design style. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you have yet to decide on the perfect countertops for your dream kitchen, it’s worth considering the numerous benefits of concrete countertops. 


Consider the common applications of concrete ‒ it withstands the heavy-duty needs of parking lots and outside footpaths. It is so low maintenance, perfect for the kitchen. All it will require is a reseal every couple of years. 

Heat Resistant

Heat resistance is non-negotiable for the kitchen. When properly sealed with heat resistant materials, concrete can withstand the heat from cooking, such as roasting trays straight from the oven, much better than more traditional countertops made of other materials.

Custom Sizing

Often, when using other types of stone, you are tied to specific shapes, sizes and considerations due to the limitations of the stone. This is not the case with concrete, as countertops can be custom-made to fit your kitchen layout perfectly. 

Natural Resistance To Chipping And Scratching

Let’s circle back to the common applications of concrete — it can withstand traffic in a parking lot being a dense, hard surface without chipping and damaging. Serving in the kitchen is nothing in comparison. When looked at side by side with other materials such as granite or quartz, concrete is so much more difficult to scratch or damage, no matter how much time you spend slamming cookware down. Concrete countertops are up for the challenge. 

As Time Passes, Concrete Countertops Look Better And Better 

Other materials used for countertops often start to deteriorate over time, needing to be restored or replaced entirely. The nature of concrete means that it only develops character as it ages, looking better and better over time rather than discolouring or disintegrating. Though it may develop minor cracks over time, a reputable company such as Art Stone that offers concrete repair in Auckland can quickly repair and reseal them. 

At Art Stone, we work with all types of stone, including natural marble, granite, quartz, limestone, engineering, and any other polymer or natural materials that look like stone. Get in touch today for benchtop replacements, stone restoration, concrete repair, and any other stone needs.

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