Why It's a Good Design Idea to Incorporate Stone Features into Your Home

When you are designing or renovating your home, you have a wide range of materials to choose from when it comes to your floors, benchtops, staircases and other elements. As expert stonemasons Auckland, we are here to advocate that you use stone for at least a few of these elements. Incorporating stone features in your home has many practical and aesthetic benefits, so let’s have a look at why it’s a good design choice.


With so many trendy designs and materials coming in and out of fashion, it pays off to invest in timeless pieces that won’t be considered outdated by the next season. Stone has been around for many decades and is certainly considered timeless. Of course, there are certain types of stones that are more trendy than others, but overall you cannot go wrong when introducing stone features.


Stone is one of the strongest natural materials available. That is why stone floors and stone countertops are so popular. Stone will really stand the test of time and will stick around for generations to come.

Easy to Clean

Another reason why introducing stone features is such a good idea is because of the fact that stone is very easy to clean. There is very little maintenance involved, and even sticky substances are very easy to remove from stone.

Makes Your Space Feel Bigger

Installing stone floors can instantly make your space appear larger. This is mostly thanks to the light, cool colouring of stone. As it acts as a design feature in itself, it is very beautiful and can be sparsely furnished without looking bare.

How to Incorporate Stone

If you are puzzled over how to incorporate stone into your home, there is no need to worry as there are so many different ways in which stone can be easily incorporated. The most popular stone feature that most people have in their homes is their countertops, and this is a relatively easy upgrade to make. But that is not the only way to incorporate stone. Some other ideas include:

  • Stone fireplaces
  • Stone floors
  • Stone staircases
  • Stone splashbacks
  • Stone sinks

Are you looking for experienced stonemasons in Auckland? You’ll find exactly what you are looking for here at Art Stone. If you are interested in our concrete repair services or the installation of stone elements such as stone benchtops, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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